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The 500°C heat resistant mitten is a cutting-edge glove designed for use in extreme heat environments. The glove is constructed from silicon-coated mineral fibres that provide heat resistance and protection. It is also lined with a three-component lining that adds to the glove's durability while ensuring wearer comfort.

Key features

✓ Handling of hot parts up to 800 °C.
✓ Thumb reinforced by a bangle.
✓ Length: 40cm including 15cm cuff.

Recommended areas of use

✓ Glass and steel industries
✓ Foundries, Forges, Iron and Steel, Rolling Mills

  • CE
  • EN388:2016 3X44F
  • EN407:2004 4444XX

EN388:2016 Protection against mechanical hazards
Resistance to Abrasion (0-4):  Level 3
Coup Cut Resistance (optional test) (0-5):Level x
Tear Resistance (0-4):  Level 4
Puncture Resistance (0-4): 4
Straight Blade Cut Resistance (A-F): F

EN407 Protection against thermal risks (Heat and /or fire)

Burning Resistance: 4

Contact heat Resistance: Level 4
Convective Heat Resistance: 4
Radiant Heat Resistance: 4
Molten Metal Resistance (Small Splashes): x
Molten Metal Resistance (Large Splashes): x

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