ABI 800


EN407:2004 444344


For temperatures up to 800°C


Resistant to splashes from molten metal

EN388:2016 2X44F

One size

Cut letter F

Price per pair

Five finger heat glove

Product description

The Abi 800 glove represents the highest level of heat resistance and protection available on the market. It has been tested and rated against the EN407 standard, achieving excellent results on all six tests. Designed to withstand temperatures up to around 800°C, it provides protection against radiant heat, open flames and molten metals. The glove is also fire-resistant and has been constructed with a high cut resistance level, achieving a cut resistance level F on the EN388 test. The glove is also 45cm long, providing extra protection to the user's arms and helping to prevent burns and other injuries.


  • Provides excellent protection against heat
  • Aramid fibre provides increased protection against cuts, slashes and abrasion
  • Gives a degree of comfort and dexterity not normally associated with such protection levels
  • Cut level 5 (Cut F) resistance provides quality protection
  • EN407 contact heat level 4 provides short term protection against temperatures up to 500°c for 27 seconds
  • EN388:2016 Rating 2X44F
  • EN407 Rating 444344
  • Price per pair

Recommended areas of use

  • Foundry
  • Holding hot plates
  • Handling molten metal
  • Metal extrusion and casting.
  • Metal heat treatment
  • Glass heat processing
  • Solar cell production
  • Industrial welding
  • Industrial oven
  • Tunnel furnace

Product summary

This is a very unique glove, achieving the extremely high test results on all six of the EN407 standards (Level 4).

  • The Abi 800 can be used in temperatures up to around 800°C and is resistant to splashes from molten metal.
  • Fire resistant, and can be used with radiant heat atmospheres.
  • High EN388 test scores with a cut resistance level F.
  • Length: 45cm long

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