Wonder Grip

The human hand is, and always has been a precious tool we all know, and use every day. Today, our hands are exposed to the same risks as they were before (burns, frostbite, cuts, irritations, etc.), in addition to a number of musculoskeletal disorders. For today, it is the environment within which the hand is used that has changed. Users work in increasingly complex environments with new and cross risks.

Our vision consists in continuously providing the ultimate solution for users faced with a perpetually changing environment. By placing the end user at the heart of our R&D, Wonder Grip's range of solutions evolves on a permanent basis, redefining the very notion of hand protection.

Wonder Grip Work Gloves are a range of Premium Quality Work Gloves that pay particular attention to three elements: Protection, Dexterity and Grip. Wonder Grip Work Gloves offer the highest level of dexterity and grip in their categories and, in turn are redefining hand protection.


Cut Level 1 RED
£0.50 Was £4.00


Thermal cut resistant glove
£4.00 Was £10.00

WG338 - Thermal Waterproof Glove

Size XXL/11
£1.00 Was £4.80

Wonder Grip 528L OIL GUARD

12 x Wonder Grip WG-528L OIL GUARD Triple Nitrile Coated Performance Gloves
£2.50 Was £11.99

Wonder Grip WG-318 'AQUA' Waterproof glove

Double latex fully coated glove, constructed on a 13-gauge nylon liner.
£1.99 Was £4.00

Wonder Grip WG1857 'NEO'

A single nitrile coated glove, constructed on an 18-gauge extra fine nylon and spandex liner.
£0.50 Was £3.00

WonderGrip WG-518W OIL PLUS

The Wonder Grip® WG-518W Oil Plus is a double nitrile fully coated glove, constructed on a 15-gauge nylon liner.
£0.95 Was £4.00