Waterproof Gloves

'Acqua' Waterproof glove fully coated

Low cost waterproof glove
£0.50 Was £2.50

Anti needle 5

Needle Stick Resistant Glove


Waterproof H20 Gloves With Double Latex Coating

h2o thermo

waterproof thermal glove


Triple nitrile coating constructed on a 13-gauge knitted spandex,


The Wonder Grip® WG-728L Dexcut® is a triple nitrile full coated anti-cut glove. Cut Level E

WG338 - Thermal Waterproof Glove

Size XXL/11
£3.00 Was £4.80

WG528L Oil Guard

£2.50 Was £3.50

Wonder Grip WG-318 'AQUA' Waterproof glove

Double latex fully coated glove, constructed on a 13-gauge nylon liner.
£1.99 Was £4.00

WonderGrip WG-518W OIL PLUS

The Wonder Grip® WG-518W Oil Plus is a double nitrile fully coated glove, constructed on a 15-gauge nylon liner.