Safety Tests

EN 388 Mechanical Test
The European standard EN 388 covers the test requirements for safety gloves that are sold as protection against mechanical risks
Mechanical Test includes resistance against: Abrasion on a scale of 1-4, Cut resistance on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the highest level of resistance) Tear on a scale of 1-4 and Puncture on a scale of 1-4

EN 407 Heat Test
EN 407 have 6 numbers, each number showing the gloves' resistance to a certain hazard.
1 - resistance to flammability
2 - resistance to contact heat
3 - resistance to convective heat
4 - resistance to radiant heat
5 - resistance to small splashes of molten metal
6 - Resistance to large splashes of molten metal

EN 511 cold protection Test
Cold resistance test is based on 3 properties:
1 - Resistance to convective cold on a scale of 0-4
2 - Resistance to contact cold on a scale of 0-4
3 - Permeability by water 0-1