Del 505


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Our DEL 505 is a lightweight 18 gauge glove offering comfort and dexterity. The glove is coated in sandy nitrile which provides outstanding grip in both wet and dry conditions. Moreover, the popular red colour indicates a cut level 1/cut A rating.

Key features

  • Sandy nitrile coating - offering excellent grip in wet and dry conditions
  • Red colour cut level 1/cut A
  • Comfortable and dextrous
  • Excellent Resistance to Abrasion
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Bag/Case Quantity: 12 pairs per bag /144 per case

Recommended areas of use

✓Goods handling
✓Suitable for handling oil or grease

Conforms to EN388:2016 and EN420:2003

EN388:2016 Protection against mechanical hazards

Resistance to Abrasion (0-4):  Level 4

Coup Cut Resistance (optional test) (0-5):Level x
Tear Resistance (0-4):  Level 3 

Puncture Resistance (0-4): 1
Straight Blade Cut Resistance (A-F): A

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