Rostaing Ripeur 2


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Cut Level 5 Gloves

Excellent value

Scoring a maximum 4544 for EN388 mechanical handling tests

Long lasting

Long cuff for extra protection on the wrist area


Premium quality


The ultimate gardening glove!

Rostaing brings to the market this excellent leather puncture and cut resistant rigger style glove

Interwoven with a Kevlar liner and stainless steel for maximum cut resistance.
The lining together with the outer leather layer provides the glove with a very strong support base against puncture penetrations.

The leather provides excellent resistance to oily/greasy/wet surfaces.

Recommended areas of use:

Gardening when using thorns, barbed wire, sewage use, rubbish collection etc.

Available in sizes M/08, L/09, XL/10 and XXL/11

Tests Submitted & Protections Levels

EN 420 General requirements
EN 388 Protection against mechanical risks
CE CATEGORY 3 - EN 388 : 4544 Abrasion, cut, tear, puncture