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The Wonder Grip® WG-310R Comfort is a glove with a double latex coating constructed on a 13-gauge polyester liner. Thanks to Wonder Grip Technology™, the coating provides users grip and resistance in dry and slightly wet environments. WG-310R Comfort offers high levels of comfort and sensitivity making this glove the must-have solution for performing specific tasks in a dry or wet environment. The double coating improves abrasion resistance for a longer life.


✔ Thin and soft liner offering suppleness and dexterity
✔ Excellent tactile sensitivity with superior comfort
✔ Tailored to the natural shape of the hand, reducing hand fatigue and increasing comfort
✔ High grip performance for precise handling in dry-to-wet applications


• General purpose


• Construction-and-public-works
• Electronics
• Aerospace
• Warehousing-packing-and-logistics
• Assembly

• EN 388 2131X

For the lowest risk cut protection choose Cut Level 1 - Red gloves. These red gloves provide the lowest cut protection of level 1 and 2, or level A under the updated EN 388 standard. These gloves are suitable for low-risk tasks that require high dexterity such as inspection, examination and low cut risk handling tasks.

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