Del 503


Our Del 503 is a nitrile coated glove providing outstanding grip, even in wet conditions. This glove has been specifically designed to provide maximum dexterity while ensuring your hands are protected against mechanical hazards.

Product specification

  • Coating: Nitrile
  • Liner: Nylon
  • Gauge: 13
  • Sizes Available:S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Bag/Case Quantity: 12 Pairs per bag/120 per case
  • Colour: Black

Recommended areas of use

✓Building and construction work
✓Concrete & brick handling

  • EN388:2016:4X31A

EN388:2016 Protection against mechanical hazards

Resistance to Abrasion (0-4):  Level 4

Coup Cut Resistance (optional test) (0-5):Level x

Tear Resistance (0-4):  Level 3

Puncture Resistance (0-4): 1 

Straight Blade Cut Resistance (A-F): A

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