TEK 6000


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Good cut protection

Nitrile foam coating

Excellent value

Cut level F

EN388: 4X44F


The TEK 6000 is a nitrile foam, level 5 glove/letter F cut resistant glove.

It is manufactured using Tsunooga cut resistant fibres. Thus, offering high protection from cuts.

The gloves have achieved a letter F in the new EN388 testing, the highest level.

Cut resistant fibre, nitrile foam coating.
EN388: 4X43F
Liner Cut resistant fibre
Gauge 13
Colour - Grey

Recommended areas of use:
For handling sharp metals, blades, plastics, glass, etc.
Industries: glass, canning, railroad.

Washing can be done in a conventional washing machine, provided the maximum wash temperature does not exceed 40 1 C (centigrade)
It is also recommended to use non-biological detergent.