A highly dextrous and breathable cut resistant sleeve made from Tsunooga™ (cut resistant fibre) for maximum comfort.

Key features

  • Velcro cuff for a secure and snug fit.
  • High dexterity and comfort
  • A breathable, knitted sleeve offering a high degree of dexterity.


Liner › Tsunooga
Gauge › 13
Sizes Available › One Size
Sold Individually. For a pair please add 2 to the basket.
Colour › Grey

Recommended areas of use

  • Automative industry
  • Handling glass or sheet metal
  • Any task where the forearm is vulnerable

  • EN388:2016:4X42D

EN388:2016 Protection against mechanical hazards

Resistance to Abrasion (0-4):  Level 4
Coup Cut Resistance (optional test) (0-5):Level x

Tear Resistance (0-4):  Level 4
Puncture Resistance (0-4): 2
Straight Blade Cut Resistance (A-F): D