Del 300


Product description

A super comfortable and dextrous fitted anti static glove compatible with touch screen technology. The glove is ideal for handling sensitive electronic components. Designed to allow the hand to "breathe" and remain cool and comfortable all day.

Key features

  • Constructed from a nylon & carbon fibre blend. This glove protects equipment like circuit boards from the natural oils of the skin while also protecting sensitive equipment from harmful static discharge.
  • Suitable for use in ESD environments
  • This glove can be used with most mobile touchscreen devices
  • Low linting construction for minimal contamination
  • Offers protection against electrostatic discharge
  • Nylon liner is super thin and offers high dexterity
  • The back and palm of the glove provides good ventilation to the hand avoiding perspiration and clamminess.
  • The glove is manufactured using a 280 D polyester Yarn ( 70D /24F /2×2 ) with a carbon based nylon thread.

Recommended areas of use

  • Micro-processors
  • Delicate & precise operations
  • Electronics
  • Assembly
  • Photographic printing
  • Plasticisation applications
  • Semi conductors

  • CE CAT I
  • EN388:2016:4X31A
  • EN1149-1
  • ESD

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