RIPDEXG gloves


EN388: 4X44F

Forearm protection - 15cm


Contact heat protection

ISO 13997

Anti-perforation leather glove for razor wire.

Sizes 8-11

High cut resistance letter F

Discover the RIPDEXG anti-perforation leather glove for razor wire. This glove offers the highest levels of performance for optimum protection when handling razor wire and concertina wire.

  • The RIPDEXG is performs exceptionally offering high levels of protection and comfort.
  • Glove specially designed for handling and laying razor wire and concertina wire.
  • The glove is also suitable for working with metal and glass where there is a high risk of cuts or punctures.

The RIPDEXG special concertina barbed wire glove is specially designed for handling and laying concertina or "razor" barbed wire on sensitive sites (prisons, SEVESO, etc.).

The RIPDEXG glove has a number of qualities that are highly appreciated for these tasks:

  • High-quality leather lined with technical mesh provides ideal protection against cuts, punctures and contact heat (100°C).
  • This anti-perforation glove features a cuff for reinforced and extended forearm protection .
  • The glove features a leather artery-guard reinforcement at the wrist for enhanced protection.

High-quality leather is water-repellent with the following advantages:

  • The glove is highly durable, as the leather does not harden after drying and remains supple for prolonged use . These RIPDEXG gloves are durable over time, so you can use your protective equipment for as long as possible.
  • Grip is maintained in all circumstances, as the glove is suitable for oily or damp environments.

Care instructions: Wash after use with warm water and soap, then air-dry away from a heat source. Then store your gloves away from moisture and light. RIPDEXG gloves are also suitable for industrial washing.

  • Category II
  • EN388 4X44F
  • EN407 X1XXXX

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